Ian Bozic, a photojournalist with 20 years of experience...
Ian Bozic, a photojournalist with 20 years of experience in both film and digital formats, is passionate about the art and importance of photography as a means of capturing moments in time. He began his career covering motorsports such as Formula 1, Moto Gp and the rest of sports for Avto Fokus magazine in Slovenia. He then moved to daily newspaper Slovenske Novice, covering sports, politics and entertainment. Soon after he was offered a position of the photo editor at national newspaper daily newspaper Direkt and later at Pozareport.si, which is one of the most influential political news sites in Slovenia. Following that in his photojournalistic work also featured in various print and online media outlets, such as, Story, Nova, Lady, and Obrazi. From 2015, he became a UK correspondent for online weekly political and cultural print magazine Demokracija.
Ian is also a member of the oldest Press Associations in the World (Foreign Press Association - FPA).

Ian Bozic

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